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Marketing, and Media

A boutique consulting agency empowering organizational goals through genuine listening, impactful storytelling, and strategic solutions. 

We are thrilled to announce that APT Communications, Marketing, and Media and Midwest Studies Group have joined forces to form the Strategic Impact Alliance
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As You Are:

Empowering Success in Communications, Marketing, and Media

In the fast-paced worlds of communications, marketing, and media, where opinions and trends can change in the blink of an eye, APT Communications, Marketing, and Media stands out for our unique philosophy and commitment to our clients. "As You Are" is not just a slogan; it's a testament to the core values that drive our work.


The name "As You Are" encapsulates two fundamental principles, each essential to achieving success in the dynamic landscapes of communications, marketing, and media.


The first principle, inspired by the military term "as you were," embodies the idea of a universal reset button. It's akin to saying, "Forget what I just said." This concept signifies that, regardless of the advice offered, the true power ultimately rests with you—the client. You have the freedom to accept or dismiss guidance because you possess the deepest understanding of your goals. At APT Communications, Marketing, and Media, our mission is clear: to provide services and counsel that empower you and your organization to achieve greatness. Your life and your organization are paramount, and we hold immense respect for that. Together, the aim is to collaborate and attain the remarkable results that YOU aspire to achieve.


The second principle draws inspiration from the phrase "Come As You Are." It emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and confidence. Founder Abby Powell Turpin has spent a career navigating professions that often try to dictate who one should be or what one should look like, particularly as a female news anchor. The central desire here is simple: you are amazing just as you are. Our agency is simply here to provide support in any way you need and offer guidance that can make you and your organization stronger.


Allied for Success

Putting Your Needs First

Taking Action to Achieve

Current and Past Clients Include:

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